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As previously mentioned, I first heard about Kwikspell when I was having breakfast in my room at FaerieCon and watching the PotterTeeVee feed of WrockStock. I really enjoyed the songs I was hearing and got Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star stuck in my head for a good long part of the morning-- so clever and catchy :-)

As soon as I got home, I got her album and immediately entered what [ profile] melydia calls the incubation phase of my relationship with it. I listened to it at work, in the car, at home, in the car, at work again, and again and again and again.

To be honest, the first few listens through didn't really count because at work I can't turn the volume up very high. This is usually fine for 98% of what I listen to. But the vocals on Magic 101 are about the same volume as the instrument tracks, so they were very difficult to hear. In fact, I had a hard time understanding every word without turning the volume up REALLY LOUD in the car. I think I still might be missing a word or two here or there but I think I generally have it down now.

Sunshine Daisies Butter Mellow- It's kind of amazing that there are a handful of absolutely excellent Peter Pettigrew songs out there. This is definitely one of my favorites. It's a very clever look at him as both a rat and a man/traitor/bastard. It's a great song to start an album with. It's catchy and upbeat and layered. It's well written and well put together. I ain't giving him sympathy, though I will clap along with the song at the last chorus.

Ode to Umbridge- I don't think I quite understand this song. The tone is unique and specific and it makes me think that it's supposed to be from Umbridge's POV. And it's true, she does go in and mess things up at Hogwarts. But I think likes like "I'm going to be the wrench in your clockwork" works just as well for the way Harry (& fellows) tried to take her down. Maybe the point is that the lines could indeed work for both of them, as they destroy each other's plans/lives. I just don't know and I feel stupid for not knowing. Meep! Help? Either way, I really like the song. It makes me think of proper little nursery rhymes and the emotion behind a lot of the lines, the way they're all delivered, are utterly fantastic. Great style and delivery.

May June July August- Who can resist a love song that includes nargles? Not me! I find myself literally walking around singing the chorus of this song. Seriously. It's beautiful and sweet (even if it's a little sad in a few places). I really like this song.

Buzz Worthy (The Quibbler Song)- The sound effects with the Quibbler pages being turned is a great touch. This song is so hilariously random. Draco with red hair? Secret meetings under the Quidditch pitch? It's so bizarre that it's perfect for a song about the Quibbler! It's kooky but well written- I love when there are slight changes to repeated lines (read it every day vs. three times a day, etc.). Little things like that really impress me in songs.

Je T'aime- This is just gorgeous. And when you get to this point, in the album, you not only get a sense of Kwikspell's sound but also the way she's able to change her sound to fit the subject matter so brilliantly! The Quibbler song SOUNDS like the Quibbler. The Umbridge song sounds like Umbridge! And this song absolutely sounds like Fleur. Makes me think of Veela or French girls dancing (or, you know, a French half-Veela girl dancing)

Ravenclaw Crush- OMG Another Luna song? Seriously, how many Luna songs can the Wizard Rock community produce? Clearly not enough for my taste. I LOVE Luna songs! I've never heard one I didn't love. Seriously. I even have a Luna-only playlist. But this one is especially special. I think it's so beautifully written, playing with both parts of her name like that. Totally makes me fall in love with Luna, as if I weren't already

Green Eyed Monster- So, yes, I love the last song on the album very much. But this one might just be my second favorite. The Sev/Lily relationship is explored in some of my absolute favorite Wizard Rock songs, all of which make me tear up every time without fail (Pensive Full of Unrequited Love and Eyes to name two). I think this is a fantastic take on their relationship and, also, makes me tear up a little bit. The title of the song is what really gets me. I think it's possibly the most clever title of a Wizard Rock song EVER!!! The double-meaning totally blows me away. So I love everything about this song. The chords remind me of the nargles song. But the song is so beautiful and tragically sad at the same time.

It's a Ginger!- Ha HA! I'd never heard of Statutory Snape before, but I definitely checked them out as soon as I listened to this song a few times. They're marvelous. But, more importantly, this song is fantastically funny! It's crazy. And kind of mean (what does a certain WRocker named Jarrod think of it? Maybe he doesn't mind since his name's not Jared?). But it's the kind of silly I like (who doesn't hate awkward male nurses?). Seriously a FUN collaboration. I like when artists don't take things so seriously. Good humor always gets top marks from me.

Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star- One of the best WRock covers out there. Very clever lyrics and a great job done with the song as well. Page 638 broke my heart too, Kwikspell *sniffle* The only bad thing about the song is that it really does stick in your head, especially as it's the last one in the album. This can be rather dangerous when you park your car and run into the grocery for food; fellow customers look at you weird when you're singing it out loud to yourself (or maybe that only happens to me).

You'd better believe I'll be keeping my eye on Kwikspell from now on. Great set of songs. Happy WRocking!


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