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There are a few things I have to say first, to put my review in proper context. The first is that I love Wizard Rock and the Ministry of Magic and the Remus Lupins are two of my top favorite bands. I am pretty much predisposed to like *anything* that members of these bands put out. This is why I bought the ALL CAPS album on iTunes a year ago. The second thing is that I honestly think that LOST is an awful show. I don't think it's clever; I think the writing is only just above soap opera level. It is crazy or predictable, nothing in-between (which equals bad writing in my book). But I have watched since the very first episode, I like the characters, and I have NEVER missed an episode. When I learned that there were groups out there writing LOST music (like Wizard Rock, only with LOST instead of Harry Potter) I promised myself to never listen to it, let alone buy it.

But then Alex, Luke, and Jason formed a band. And they came out with an AMAZING music video for Mr. Eko. I think I probably watched the video 20 times the first few days it was out, and I sent the link to everyone I knew who watched LOST (including a few people who didn't LOL). And when the Oceanic Six's first album was available for pre-order, I bought it immediately and without hesitation (thank you for the bonus mp3s! The Christmas On the Island song still makes me laugh).

I received the CD in the mail yesterday, and official release day is today. So I thought I'd post my review. But, first, here's a list of their videos. Because the music is fantastic, but I like the videos even more:

First off, the CD is great: the numbers (as entered on the computer) fill the CD itself over and over again. The quality is incredibly good, as I would have expected from these guys. But, more importantly, there are so many great details in these songs that not only make the songs sound professional and polished but make them sound like they could be right there in the world of LOST.

1. Mr. Eko- my first exposure to the Oceanic Six is still my favorite. I love every aspect of the video, especially, because I love the details and the guys dressed as the various characters. I enjoy the range in this song. It is slow and thoughtful, it is respectful and solemn, it is fast and fun. Mr. Eko is a great (albeit mysterious and troubling) character and it's a perfect song for him!

2. Monster Eats The Pilot- This is the quintessential LOST song, kind of summing up the entire show. It is very well written, catchy, and beautifully performed. "We're lost/All of us, a thousand miles off course/We're lost/Second chance to try for some remorse/We're lost/In a sea of synchronicity/We're lost/The island calls us to our destiny." Even if that, grammatical, should be the plural 'destinies' I don't even mind because the song is SO good :-)

3. Good Morning Charlie- Awww, this is so sweet. I love the journey Charlie goes through throughout the series and his relationship with Claire is wonderful, especially as described here by Kristina & Luke. It's got a fun, reassuring, safe sound to it. It's also got a really nice, bouncy feel. Their voices work so well together (or maybe I only say that because I'm so used to ALL CAPS? No... I do think they're great together in a duet)

4. Henry Gale- I absolutely love this song. It is beautifully written from verses to chorus. I honestly can't get enough of it. It's possibly my second favorite song on the album (even if I hate Ben, LOL).

5. Will You Be My Constant- I don't quite know how to describe this song; the word that comes to mind is that it "swings". The tune is so good, especially the key change, and the fast, constant beat/beep is the perfect touch. I loved hearing the preview of this at the end of their Project for Awesome video! Okay, okay, it's tied for second place on my list of favorites on the album.

6. Dude- Aw, Hugo! Hurley is easily my favorite character on the show and it's fantastic to have a song about him on the album. I sort of feel like it could have used more Hurley-esque humor. But I do like the focus on the curse/luck part of his character. And the chorus is great. I am sort of... less fond of the video, I've got to say. It's good but... I'm honestly not feeling the random dancers. I'm just not sure I buy Sammy G as a Smoke Monster ;-)

7. Orientation- I wasn't sure if I liked this one the first time I heard it, but the chorus with the "Nameste" sold me on it (especially when rhymed with "I will stay"). The song has a softer, slower feel to it than some of the others, which is understandable given the subject matter. The ending effect is utter perfection. This song is a great example of what I mean by details that make the songs fit the island.

8. The Crash- This is a good one, but it's sort of the one song that doesn't stand out for me amongst the rest. I certainly really like it, but I don't find myself walking around singing it :-)

9. They Took My Son- I fell in love with this song when I heard it months back on their iTunes. I didn't like it as much as Mr. Eko but it confirmed my need to buy the whole album. I love the powerful emotions in this one. The refrain of WALT! makes me want to yell along with the song each time I hear it.

10. Invisible Others- This one also has some great emotion behind it as well. It's kind of a spooky one to end on, actually. I totally think the song should be called Invisible Udders.

BONUS. Christmas on the Island- This song amuses me to no end. Fun, clever lyrics. And the bridge cracks me up (and makes me go "Awwww!" :-( along with them). This is definitely a new holiday classic.

EDIT: The official note from the Oceanic Six regarding the chorus of Monster Eats The Pilot is that the chorus is talking as a whole there, so it refers to their common destiny and, therefore, would make sense in the singular. And I would like to thank them for reading this... and kindly not pointing out that I made an obvious spelling mistake (now corrected) while point out a possible grammatical error. Oh, the irony!


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