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Usually I think long and hard for days, weeks, or months before purchasing music. But lately purchases have been a bit more spontaneous, which I think is rather good for me. Today, I was listening to my Ministry of Magic playlist and decided that I really should have every song that my favorite WRock group has put out. Initially, the only song off of their Acoustiatus album that I purchased was Veela Serenada, because it's not on any of their other albums. Plus, I tend to like full, polished songs better than acoustic versions. The occasional accoustic song is great, but a whole album? However, I really loved the Myrtles EP and Oliver Boyd's new CD. And today I decided I just wanted it all. Everything iTunes had to offer me for Ministry of Magic is now mine.

I was not disappointed.The versions of Accio Love, Lovegood, I heart Weasleys, A Phoenix Lament, Ascendio, and the Bravest Man I Ever Knew are brilliantly done. I don't know why I hesitated so long to acquire them!

Accio Love is quiet and sweet. And the "night-eet-eet-eet" makes me feel like I'm at a concert of theirs again *happy sigh*

Lovegood is such a fun song! I love how strong the guitar is here in comparison with the Goodbye Privet Drive version. It feels more heartfelt here instead of bouncy and exciting. And those harmonies and the tambourine... oooohh.

I Heart Weasleys is... just plain different but just as good as what I'm used to! Gotta love the whistling-- that adds such a great element to the song :-)

Veela Serenada- I've had this song for a while, but it now deserves to be with the rest of its album. I love the sound of this song. It reminds me of the sort of French Bohemian movement for some reason. It's slow and beautiful.

A Phoenix Lament is actually one of my top favorite MOM songs. I actually began a fanfic and realized that this song was perfect to quote at the beginning and end (it's not a songfic... I just frame it with a few lines of the song). This version is softer but the words are powerful. And this actually makes it sound more sad and lamentful.

Ascendio has some gorgeous guitar moments. The rise and fall of the song is still done well, even without the full build-up to the chorus that I'm used to. The "witness wonders" part makes the song feel more magical and genuine :-)

The Bravest man I Ever Knew is spectacular. I was so worried because I SO love the other version. Plus, when I clap, there are others clapping in the recording along with me. I think I like the other version better (hard not to like that one) but I wasn't at all disappointed. Heck, they could make a whole CD of different versions of this song and I'd probably love them all! The harmonies and emotions are fantastic.

It just goes to show that MOM might have an incredibly distinctive style to their music and they might be amazing performers, but the songs are so brilliantly crafted and written that they hold up well without the techno and the dancing. In short, this definitely won't be a purchase I regret! :-)


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