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One of my 101 goals in 1001 days is to buy albums from 10 non-A-List WRockers I've never bought anything from before. When I mentioned this to the Sweetwater All Stars, she suggested I get this CD. And for $3, how could I possibly resist? Only with We Are Magic have I ever been this incredibly pleased with an almost blind, spur-of-the-moment purchase (I mean, I listened to a few songs on MySpace just to make sure it was music that I'd want to listen to, but that's about it). The five songs on the disc are amazing, the sound is unique in the WRock world and beautiful, and I honestly think these will be songs I come back to time and time again as some of my favorites.

Also, the demo disc came personalized to me--um, how awesome is that?! *hugs it* I just had to scan it in below.

The sound quality isn't perfect (I can hear the white noise in the background at the beginning/end of tracks and a few of the lyrics could be a little easier to make out) but I definitely wouldn't expect it to be (it's a demo). And I must admit I had a VERY hard time understanding the lyrics when I was listening at work, where the sound has to be turned down low so it can't be heard outside my office. But once I got the CD into my car CD player and was able to crank up the volume and really concentrate on what I was listening to. And, thus, I entered the honeymoon stage with the CD (where you just listen to it over and over and over again).

I'm at a loss for words when trying to describe the style. It's low, rich, and soulful. The Buttermellows' sound is so perfectly balanced with exceptional lyrics (I'm a lyrics whore). The two work together so well to create a great collection of songs.

1. Never Been so High- This is a nice first song. It's Metawrock and it's kind of fun to hear about something I can sort of relate to (hanging with HP fans at meetings/cons) and, at the same time, can't relate to at all because I'm a WRock fangirl (TM House of Black) not a WRocker. So it's a neat perspective to hear a song about. And it's a lovely song- fun and simple. And who wouldn't love music & butterbeer? heehee

2. One Last Scar- This might be my top 10 favorite WRock songs ever. It's no secret that Remus Lupin is my favorite Harry Potter character, and this is an amazing song sung to him by Sirius. Okay, so... I'm a self-confessed puppy-shipper. Remus/Sirius was my OTP even before I read the books and knew who the characters were (thanks to fanfiction I read, which was the reason I picked up the Harry Potter books in the first place). So when I get a song sung by Sirius to Remus, talking about Remus' love life/outlook on life/situation, I turn into a whimpering, excited, fangirly puddle of happy. Perhaps the lines "when you'd forgiven me/for the prank I knew/I knew we'd be special" isn't supposed to mean what my puppy-shipping mind likes to believe it means, but I'm allowed to interpret it any way I like; that's the beauty of music/art. And there's just something about Sirius's voice coming back to Remus even in a non-slashy sort of way, telling him to be brave again and live his life and accept the love of someone who wants to love him... telling him that Harry needs him and to ignore the moon & stars (and what he is). Seriously, this is SUCH a beautiful song that expresses exactly what my wishes for book 6 Remus are. And it's packed FULL of fantastic lines about Remus being a prefect amongst the rebels, the Marauders taking care of Remus, of Remus & Sirius not trusting each other (thinking each was the spy/traitor). It's got Marauder goodness, hurt/comfort goodness, romance, and a chorus which is so uplifting and reassuring--I don't know how Remus could possibly listen to this and NOT take the advice. As an aside, I was glad to finally read the lyrics and hear that the line is "live life as stable as you possibly can" instead of "live life as a stable" which doesn't make any sense. LOL

3. Queen of Mean- At a recent DADA meeting, several people identified Bellatrix as their favorite female character in the series. I'm a Hufflepuff so I have a very intense respect of loyalty as a trait. But... I totally can't get on board with respecting or liking Bellatrix. She is cruel and crazy! So this song is definitely on the same page with me. Although I don't know anyone who thinks she's "funny" it's nice to hear a song about evil!Bellatrix that explores her a little while still holding the same opinion I have (she might be a strong female, but I can't agree with or condone her actions, I just can't!). I loved the line about her earning a "T in humanities" :-) And the whole chorus is SO good. It fits in with the Buttermellows' style so very well. "Evil, psycho, baby, you: the queen of being mean"

4. A Foot of Silver- I must admit I had to listen to this one a few times before I could trust that I was interpreting it correctly. Some of the amazing images made it a little difficult to pin down the POV and time/situation of the song at first (I thought it was just me but I had 2 other people listen and they didn't get it after the first listen either). But I'm relatively sure that my first deductions about the song are indeed correct--that it's a song about Harry reacting to Sirius' death (and, as an extension, others who have touched his life who have died). The chorus of this one is amazing, even if I heard it embarrassingly incorrectly at first (it's not bottles of beer! Although that did inspire a ficlet or two in my mind about Neville cleaning off tables & cleaning out bottles at the pub Hannah owns LOL). Anyway, my favorite part of this song is the very last chorus when the guitar is used so incredibly masterfully to express the intense, angry emotions racing through Harry. The hard chords/notes are so strong and loud, and then when the notes drop out completely it's so intense it makes me want to pound something as well. So powerful and emotional and good. *shiver*

5. Hold On- The response I have to this song is very similar to the Mudbloods' Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love. The songs really have a positive, uplifting, beautiful sound & message in them. However, the subject matter makes me cry buckets. I've probably listened to Hold On about 25 times now and not ONCE have I managed to get through it without tearing up (once, I had to stop and break out the tissues and dab at the tear-soaked collar of my shirt LOL). Unlike Pensive, this song is about Lily and James (no Snape featured at all) and (for an especially emotional kicker) Harry. It starts off in Lily's POV and then switches to James'. I love that Lily's attention is drawn to the hair James & Harry have in common and the same goes for James noticing Lily's and Harry's eyes. "In these darkened days when life seems so unfair/Dumbledore had told us to prepare./But if he should ever wake and I'm not there/I don't ever want him to be scared." I'm crying by now, already, but then the music gets even more beautiful and positive/uplifting/comforting, as it goes on to talk about them being with Harry throughout his life, even if they're dead. Which is not only the wish of any loving parent but absolutely what Harry feels. So many times in the books he thinks about his parents and how they're a part of him or how he wishes they were there--there's the mirror and what he hears in his head when dementors are near and his patronus and what comes out of the wands during the graveyard duel and the forest/Hallows-stone (oh Gods, that forest scene! *sob*) not to mention the hundreds of times people say Harry looked like James and/or has Lily's eyes. For characters who were dead throughout the whole book series, they have a very real presence in the stories. Which is why this song isn't just a beautiful bedtime song of Lily & James wishing Harry a good life, and it isn't just an amazing song about how they are fighting the war against evil because they want to make a good world for their son, it's also a touching song that foreshadows emotions and situations that are really at the core of the story and Harry's character. Um, plus I just love James & Lily and first war ANYTHING. This song would be absolutely perfect if not for the use of "lay" instead of "lie" 3 times (but, yeah, I'm a grammar whore. Usually I can ignore it or deal with it in songs, but separate instances within a single song make me cringe a little; I can't stand to listen to that stupid Snow Patrol "Chasing Cars" song for that reason). Anyway, it's just that tiny thing. Otherwise, it is an amazing song and a kicker to end the album with. I love the song as it is, but I wonder how it would sound in a duet. I'm such a sucker for good WRock duets.

I highly recommend this disc to... well, just about everyone!
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I took advantage of Catchlove's holiday sale and bought 3 of his CDs I didn't have: It's Still Snowing, <3, and Where Do We Go From Here? I love the themes of love that pop up throughout all three (quite fitting, actually) even though many of the songs don't avoid the tough themes of battles and the war. Jace's music has a great sound and the songs are well done and polished.

It's Still Snowing
I really love Catchlove's two 'Still Snowing' songs on Jingle Spells 1 & 2 and I was in the mood for more Wrock-themed winter holiday music. So I took a chance on this album. I certainly enjoyed it!
1. One Christmas... (Carol of the Bells)- It's a great collection of songs, starting with 'One Christmas' which is fine, introductory variation on 'Christmas Eve in Sarajevo', one of my favorite Christmas songs.
2. Christmas Wishes- You have to love Christmas at the Burrow, so even though it is simple I really love 'Christmas Wishes'.
3. It's Snowing & 8. It's Still Snowing featuring Danny Dementor- 'It's Snowing' and 'It's Still Snowing' have got to be my favorites. They're just as good here as in Jingle Spells.
4. Tis The Season- wonderfully catchy
5. A Proposition (It's Quite Alright)- good, but doesn't stand out for me amongst the rest for some reason.
6. The Letter (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies)- makes me laugh because the melding between WRock, the Nutcracker, and Tetris is irresistible
7. The Yule Ball (She Said Yes)- I'm not sure why I like 'The Yule Ball' so much, but it's definitely one of my favorites on the album; I like its fast tempo especially.
9. Luna (A Christmas Song)- of course, no collection of songs is complete without some more Luna-love. 'Luna' is catchy, beautiful, and sweet. I love the instruments and the whole arrangement used in that song.
10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas featuring the Cornish Pixy Choral Delight- I'm not so much a fan of 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' because it stands out from the rest of the songs. But it's silly and that certainly gets marks in my book.

Where Do We Go From Here?
First off, this might be one of my favorite WRock album covers EVER!
1. The Second War Begins- fantastic opening song that really sets the mood and draws me in.
2. The Lonley Life of Sir Nick- after hearing this, I am of the opinion that Nearly Headless Nick deserves more songs! I had heard this song before, thanks to a friend, and it is definitely one of my favorite on the album because it's a great, sensitive, fun look at Nick.
3. I Told You So- I like the multiple tracks/layers of voices and instruments in this one. It really pains a great picture of where Harry was in Order
4. Krum and the Mighty Ocean- I found this one to be a bit strange (kind of came out of nowhere) but I like Krum and this song grew on me.
5. I Found Love in Wizard Rock- Certainly my favorite on the CD. Beautiful song and very sweet on its own.
6. In Which Our Claps Defeat Lord Voldemort- this one is crazy-weird just to listen to (I'm sure it lends itself to a concert/live atmosphere better) but I wish it were so easy to defeat him *claps along*
7. Headed to the Ministry- I just got to re-readingthis part in the 5th book about 10 minutes ago so perhaps I'm a bit swayed, but I really loved this one! I like the feeling of the DA conveyed here, yet it's still a bit soft and a nice combination of unsure & brave
8. Where Do We Go From Here- another great song which paints a nice picture of a specific moment in the series. I love the melody and the repetition of the question
9. Mothers Day (Your Love)- this one was a little too soft for me to really latch onto the lyrics the first few times I listened to the CD.
10. This Will Never Work- heehee I like this one as well, though the lyrics are also a bit soft.
11. Remember the Good Times?- what a great sound this one has. And the beat is fantastic, as if working us up to revolt against Umbridge. Quite catchy and fun to sing along to.
12. Dumbledore (Show Us What You're Made Of)- wow, talk about songs with different sounds! This one is quite unique and powerful. It actually made chills race up & down my spine the first time I heard it
13. Ron, I'm Telling You...- this one reminds me of a combination of a few other songs, which is kind of interesting. But there are also some great variations and the sax is a fantastic addition.
14. It'll Be Ok & bonuses- I like 'It'll Be Ok' and it was nice to see sort of a reprise of the song (in title at least) on <3. It's a great song to end with, full of determination. The bonus songs are great! I like the live version of 'Remember the Good Times?' and the Beatles filk to 'All the Lonely People' is cleverly written & well performed! And then... a House of Awesome cover (aka the House of Awkward) is hilarious and classic. FTW!

Definitely my favorite of the 3 albums. I drove around with this one exclusively on my car stereo for a week. It's not as WRock-centered as Where Do We Go From Here? in that many of the songs aren't specifically Harry Potter-ish and could fit right in on a muggle radio station. But I still like them a lot.
1. Untitled- An interesting, instrumental beginning
2. Students @ Hogwarts- I'd heard Students at Hogwarts before, but this is still a fantastic version. It's unifying and fun and catchy (possibly because it's so familiar).
3. I Found Love- Pulling from 'I Found Love in Wizard Rock' this song is so well done and certainly stands on its own. I had heard the remix on From Beneath These Ashes. But of the three songs, the one here on this album is my favorite.
4. Post-Its (it'll be ok ii)- Definitely my favorite on the album. The melody and lyrics are both wonderful. And it just *sounds* good! The chorus, especially, is fantastic.
5. Every Time...- Another favorite on the album. It's a great look at the relationship and the song is just SO well done.
6. Don't Panic- I love this song! It's upbeat and reassuring :-)
7. So Damn Cute- Awww, there's just something about this song. It's the perfect song to follow 'Don't Panic' because it slows down the pace again. I really like the chorus.
8. It's Really All About Me- this one is fun
9. Dontcha Know- Yep, I ADORE this song. Harry/Ginny might not be convincing to me in the book, but Jace definitely gets me on board with it in this album. Ok... it might be tied for first place with Post-Its
10. Headed Down to Hogwarts- A bit of a change in sound & subject matter but I LOVE this. It's SO much fun to sing along with and the the "Dumbledore was victorious..." parts were great to hear in this song. In fact, there are so many little parts in this song, building up momentum throughout, from "Not my daughter you bitch" to "We've got to fight/We've got to win". It is not possible to hear this song and not sing along to it/get into it! :-)
11. Back Home Where I Belong- Aww, this one is just so sweet and... tender. Can I call a song tender? You know what, I'm going to.
12. Sing to Me- I expect the album to end with track #11 each time I listen, but it's a nice book end of sorts, framing the album along with track 1.
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Post-2015 Warning for AC mentioned, as he does vocals on one song.

I must say three things up front:
  1. Sadly, I don't have much of a familiarity with Bruce Spingsteen (Sorry). If there are tons of clever references in lyrics or tune throughout, those totally went over my head.

  2. I wasn't all that familiar with Tonks' previous works when I bought this album (I have since purchased her other albums, of course). I first heard her on Jingle Spells 2 (possibly my favorite song from that album). And I've acquired a few other songs here and there from other compilation albums. I've listened to her EP from the Wizard Rock EP of the month club. But I don't have any of her earlier albums (yet; I plan on buying them now). So I'm looking at We Are Magic with more objective eyes than I usually have (fangirl that I am). Why did I buy it, then? I'm not sure myself. It was a spur of the moment purchase when I saw Tonks mention it. But I am so glad I did (plus my pre-order came with an awesome sticker and button- squee!)

  3. Remus Lupin is, hands down, my favorite Harry Potter character. So the fact that he crops up so often during the album makes me very happy. In fact, many of these songs are written as if they were being sung to Remus. That makes me so happy. Though when it comes to my Remus, I'm a puppy shipper. I like him best when he's with Sirius. I'll go Snupin if the story's good; actually, I tend to pair him with anyone except for Tonks. However, there's something about these songs that makes even ME fall in line with canon, and that's the highest compliment I can give!

I love this concept (following a character through a whole book). I admire Draco and the Malfoys for doing it in their EP of the Month and I actually think it worked exceptionally well in this case, even though Tonks isn't in Deathly Hallows very much. The quality of the songs is wonderful; they're layered, polished, and complex instrumentally & vocally.

1. So it Begins- This is the perfect song to begin with. It starts out slow and gets fast and catchy and really gears us up for the fight. It's one of my favorites. I was listening to it at work and on only the 4th listen through, I found myself unconsciously counting 1-2-3-4 out with my fingers; that's when I knew I was truly hooked. The song pulled me right in.

2. A Day In the Life- Not my favorite tune. It's nice, but it's kind of repetitive and I would have liked something a little sweeter melodically when it comes to a song about the wedding. That aside, I really liked this song. It paints a beautiful, detailed picture of their wedding and really touches my heart. I love Remus pacing like a wolf in a cage, him taking her hand, her mother seeing her in her dress, the fact that not everyone is there but they had to do it, etc. Seriously, the way it's described makes me so sad that wasn't in the book. It's canon for me now :-) Well done!

3. The Mission- I'm an idiot. It took me, like, a full minute to figure out this was the 7 Potters scene the first time around. You would think a line like "Seven identical young men" would clue me in, but it still took me far too long. I like this one a lot. Her line about giving her life to protect Ron is fantastic. And I love that the song is addressing Remus; the moment at the end of the song where Remus talks about what he saw and how they lost Mad Eye makes me choke up a little. It's written well and it's sung powerfully.

4. Fallen- Awesome sound to this one; great job. I can't help but think about The Remus Lupin's song about Fleur & Bill's wedding. I like them both quite a lot. Tonks' is strong and I love how she recalls Dumbledore and Mad Eye and plays her role as an Auror so well here amidst the chaos as the government & world fall apart. THAT'S the Tonks I love!

5. Breaking News- I love songs with clever (double entendre) titles. This one is fantastic. Steph did a great job of the moment Tonks tells Remus she's pregnant with his cub, er, child. There's so much said and just as much unsaid. The song is beautiful and the meaning is tragic. I might also mention that during one pass through the album, the tracks were out of order (I don't remember how it sorted) and this song in my playlist came right before the Tonks/Remus wedding. This order made me happy in a "oh, so THAT is why she is getting married!" kind of way.

6. Tonight Tonight- Honestly, I had to re-listen to this one just now because I couldn't remember what it was about when I went to make comments here. It's immensely beautiful and the emotions Tonks puts out there in it- anger, confusion, love, hurt, etc. come through mournfully and forcefully.

7. Taking You Back- My FAVORITE song on the CD! I've listened to the whole album about 10 times through now, but I've listened to this song more than 30 times. I tend to prefer really sweet or really upbeat Wizard Rock songs, this being the latter. It's a great, layered composition and it's got canon cred with Alex from the Remus Lupins joining Tonks in great duet/argument/love song. The chorus makes me SO happy. If it were any other song, and if the lines were taken out of context, I would be furious (because I'd never call my Remus dumb and I don't think Hufflepuffs are doormats by definition): "Remus Lupin you're kinda dumb sometimes/Luckily I knew that when I married you./Yes you know I'm a Hufflepuff because I'm taking you back./But you know you'll be paying for this for a while." LMAO! With lines like "Did you happen to forget that I was pregnant?" and "Harry needed my help." "That's clear from the way you're back here." I could die with the perfection that is this song. It's the perfect range of emotion and does a very believable job of outlining the situation of Remus running out on her (and then coming back with his tail between his legs) and why she took him back. It's funny and loving and rings true to me. And, did I mention that the song is just FUN?! And epic.

8. Remember- Just plain breaks my heart. There's so much tragedy in the Deathly Hallows and this song about Ted Tonks really gets straight to the way Tonks' father influenced her life. She tells us what he meant to her and it touches me. It's so sweet and sad and it's perfectly written from Tonks' perspective.

9. The Radio- This is my second favorite on the album (not surprising; I love the upbeat songs). This song has a fantastic sound to it that I can't get enough of. There hasn't yet been a Potterwatch song that I haven't loved (although I can only think of 4 so the base isn't that big). I think the count of times I've listened to this one is up to 25 or so (compared to 10 for the rest of the album). That "my baby goes by Romulus" line gets me every time. This song really says so much about the period and mood of the time. And it leaves me with this wonderful feeling that we can win the war and Harry will triumph. It's not until the song is over that I, um, remember that the war already took place and Harry did triumph. But just hearing about Tonks listening to her husband & the others on Potterwatch really does fill me with hope for the characters; it's kind of hilarious. I LOVE it! I love hearing this song, I especially love singing along to this song, and I would happily have bought this album just for this song alone. Though I'm glad it came with 12 other spectacular songs.

10. It's True- Ohhh Teddy *sigh* How I love you. This is such a great song. Even though I think it's strange that JKR seems to think all the female characters need to get pregnant, and even though I think the pregnancy came at a very inconvenient time, this song really makes me happy it happened. It really shows me an encouraging, lovely picture of mother!Tonks and warms my heart immensely.

11. Mr. Springsteen- See my point above. It's an awesome song (and I did get the Born to Run reference) and I never skip over it or anything. I'm happy it's there, it just doesn't speak to me quite as much as the others because I don't have the same familiarity with Springsteen.

12. Streets of Hogsmeade- Another favorite of mine. It's also got a great sound to it that fits the tone. The assonance is particularly done well here and gives the lyrics a great sound "The graffiti on the streets of Hogsmeade reads". I've actually teared up several times while listening to this song-- not because it's sad, but because of the way it portrays Dumbledore's Army as rebels who are powerful and fighting for good. They won't give up and they WILL win. It's so full of hope and strength.

13. We Are Magic- A great song to end with. Obviously, we know how Tonks and Remus end up, which makes me sad. But this song still manages to be not only uplifting but inspiring. They're magic, yes, but so are we! So is Wizard Rock and this fandom and the fans. The weapon we have is love and with that we can do anything! Also, this song is so catchy and WRockers need to quit doing this to me. I love when albums end on an upbeat note (I'd have it no other way) but then I go around singing the last song or humming it to myself and people hear me. LOL

Steph did an excellent job at not only covering Tonks' life during all of Deathly Hallows but turning it into an album that works. One or the other would be admirable, but both together is stupendous. The balance of sweet and catchy, the rise and fall, the intense emotion, the details that fill in so many blanks JKR left, the quality & variety of sound-- it's an amazing album and one I look forward to listening to many more times! It makes me want to immediately drop everything and re-read the last book.
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Buying Hank Green's new album was an impulse buy of sorts for me. I wasn't sure I'd like the choice once I made it, because many of the songs were ones I already owned from his Live album. I'm very glad I did buy it, though. The quality of these studio songs is fantastic; it gives all the songs new life. Not to mention the freaking cool poster and signed (black!) guitar pick I got with it!

The photo below on the right is the album cover, but I couldn't resist pairing it with the inspiration for the cover, Woody Guthrie and his guitar.

DFTBA- As any Nerdfighter will tell you, DFTBA is a key part of life. This is a great take on the abbreviation. It's great hearing all of the versions Nerdfighters have come up with. And how does Hank sing so fast? It's incredible!

This isn't Hogwarts- it might not be Hogwarts, but it IS the song that was the main reason I bought this album. I turned it up LOUD in the car on my way to work and shouted along with the song this morning :-) So great. Even if there is mild Hufflepuff bashing. heehee

Anglerfish- This is such a great, peppy song. I've loved it since the first time I heard it, and I can't wait to try jumping jack-push up-dance moves to it this weekend

I Know- Simple and clever. Classic Hank.

Mules are So Half Ass- Talk about clever! So many great puns, so little time. I've listned to it 5 times now and I think I've finally heard all the jokes now.

Scuzzy Kizoozle Curl- one of the songs I didn't like so much on the live album, it totally stole my heart this time around! Possibly it was the Irish influence in this version that did it. But I totally have fun singing along with this one now! I'm impressed

Protons and Neutrons- It's deep and slow. Makes you think. Nice change of pace from the others, but I think I like the faster songs the best so...

Dead Boy's Girlfriend- Two, count them: TWO Wizard Rock songs on the album! I can't get enough of either of them, but I do really love this one. The line about finding three girls at the bottom of the lake and it being "freaking Ron Weasley who was waiting for me" cracks me up every time. I actually shrieked and laughed out loud when I heard it this morning on the drive to work. I'd heard the song before but I'd forgotten how much I liked that bit. LOL

Demolition Derby- I've never seen a Demolition Derby and I don't really think it's my thing, so while I can appreciate the subject matter, I can't really relate to it enough to love the song. It's a good song though *shrug*

Fathers of the Founding Fathers- this was one of the few I'd never heard before! It's also pretty classic Hank Green- super clever writing and fast singing and peppy and sticks in your head. Love it

Ulcertive Colitis- my mother has Ulcerative Colitis as well so I totally feel for Hank here on this one. Kind of amazing that after all the crap (pun intended) I've seen my mom go through over the illness, this song still made me smile :-)

I'm not Edward Cullen- epic, this. So hilarious and scary at the same time! A great pseudo parody just in time for New Moon's release. And it's certainly a lot better, this version where his wife sings with him, compared to the version on the live album where he tries to sing the woman's part at the same time. LOL Humorous, that, but the song is fantastic in and of itself.

Crime Dramas Suck- so true. Except for NCIS; I love that one. LOL But, seriously, this is a great song. Great tune, great writing.

Jesus Gets Nothing for Christmas- I hadn't heard this one before either, and I laughed out loud the first time I heard it, so much so that I had to stop the song and explain it to my coworker. LOL

The Vegetables- Eh. I think this one works a heck of a lot better as a video with the photos of vegetables. It's a fine song but I missed the iPod-color scheme visuals. The repetition is... I dunno. I don't like the song on its own so much. It's well done on the album, but I prefer the video.

Nerdfighteria Island- I also think I like the video version better, because of all the awesome drawings of the island. But it's really a fantastic song on its own as well. I would move there in a second!

It All makes Sense at the End- aww. This one actually makes me rather sad. So many hours and days and years of life going into certain things compared to other things. And the end... so sweet.

On a whole, I really love the album and am soooooooooooooo happy to own it! How could I have ever doubted that? Crazy Kate :-)
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As previously mentioned, I first heard about Kwikspell when I was having breakfast in my room at FaerieCon and watching the PotterTeeVee feed of WrockStock. I really enjoyed the songs I was hearing and got Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star stuck in my head for a good long part of the morning-- so clever and catchy :-)

As soon as I got home, I got her album and immediately entered what [ profile] melydia calls the incubation phase of my relationship with it. I listened to it at work, in the car, at home, in the car, at work again, and again and again and again.

To be honest, the first few listens through didn't really count because at work I can't turn the volume up very high. This is usually fine for 98% of what I listen to. But the vocals on Magic 101 are about the same volume as the instrument tracks, so they were very difficult to hear. In fact, I had a hard time understanding every word without turning the volume up REALLY LOUD in the car. I think I still might be missing a word or two here or there but I think I generally have it down now.

Sunshine Daisies Butter Mellow- It's kind of amazing that there are a handful of absolutely excellent Peter Pettigrew songs out there. This is definitely one of my favorites. It's a very clever look at him as both a rat and a man/traitor/bastard. It's a great song to start an album with. It's catchy and upbeat and layered. It's well written and well put together. I ain't giving him sympathy, though I will clap along with the song at the last chorus.

Ode to Umbridge- I don't think I quite understand this song. The tone is unique and specific and it makes me think that it's supposed to be from Umbridge's POV. And it's true, she does go in and mess things up at Hogwarts. But I think likes like "I'm going to be the wrench in your clockwork" works just as well for the way Harry (& fellows) tried to take her down. Maybe the point is that the lines could indeed work for both of them, as they destroy each other's plans/lives. I just don't know and I feel stupid for not knowing. Meep! Help? Either way, I really like the song. It makes me think of proper little nursery rhymes and the emotion behind a lot of the lines, the way they're all delivered, are utterly fantastic. Great style and delivery.

May June July August- Who can resist a love song that includes nargles? Not me! I find myself literally walking around singing the chorus of this song. Seriously. It's beautiful and sweet (even if it's a little sad in a few places). I really like this song.

Buzz Worthy (The Quibbler Song)- The sound effects with the Quibbler pages being turned is a great touch. This song is so hilariously random. Draco with red hair? Secret meetings under the Quidditch pitch? It's so bizarre that it's perfect for a song about the Quibbler! It's kooky but well written- I love when there are slight changes to repeated lines (read it every day vs. three times a day, etc.). Little things like that really impress me in songs.

Je T'aime- This is just gorgeous. And when you get to this point, in the album, you not only get a sense of Kwikspell's sound but also the way she's able to change her sound to fit the subject matter so brilliantly! The Quibbler song SOUNDS like the Quibbler. The Umbridge song sounds like Umbridge! And this song absolutely sounds like Fleur. Makes me think of Veela or French girls dancing (or, you know, a French half-Veela girl dancing)

Ravenclaw Crush- OMG Another Luna song? Seriously, how many Luna songs can the Wizard Rock community produce? Clearly not enough for my taste. I LOVE Luna songs! I've never heard one I didn't love. Seriously. I even have a Luna-only playlist. But this one is especially special. I think it's so beautifully written, playing with both parts of her name like that. Totally makes me fall in love with Luna, as if I weren't already

Green Eyed Monster- So, yes, I love the last song on the album very much. But this one might just be my second favorite. The Sev/Lily relationship is explored in some of my absolute favorite Wizard Rock songs, all of which make me tear up every time without fail (Pensive Full of Unrequited Love and Eyes to name two). I think this is a fantastic take on their relationship and, also, makes me tear up a little bit. The title of the song is what really gets me. I think it's possibly the most clever title of a Wizard Rock song EVER!!! The double-meaning totally blows me away. So I love everything about this song. The chords remind me of the nargles song. But the song is so beautiful and tragically sad at the same time.

It's a Ginger!- Ha HA! I'd never heard of Statutory Snape before, but I definitely checked them out as soon as I listened to this song a few times. They're marvelous. But, more importantly, this song is fantastically funny! It's crazy. And kind of mean (what does a certain WRocker named Jarrod think of it? Maybe he doesn't mind since his name's not Jared?). But it's the kind of silly I like (who doesn't hate awkward male nurses?). Seriously a FUN collaboration. I like when artists don't take things so seriously. Good humor always gets top marks from me.

Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star- One of the best WRock covers out there. Very clever lyrics and a great job done with the song as well. Page 638 broke my heart too, Kwikspell *sniffle* The only bad thing about the song is that it really does stick in your head, especially as it's the last one in the album. This can be rather dangerous when you park your car and run into the grocery for food; fellow customers look at you weird when you're singing it out loud to yourself (or maybe that only happens to me).

You'd better believe I'll be keeping my eye on Kwikspell from now on. Great set of songs. Happy WRocking!
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Usually I think long and hard for days, weeks, or months before purchasing music. But lately purchases have been a bit more spontaneous, which I think is rather good for me. Today, I was listening to my Ministry of Magic playlist and decided that I really should have every song that my favorite WRock group has put out. Initially, the only song off of their Acoustiatus album that I purchased was Veela Serenada, because it's not on any of their other albums. Plus, I tend to like full, polished songs better than acoustic versions. The occasional accoustic song is great, but a whole album? However, I really loved the Myrtles EP and Oliver Boyd's new CD. And today I decided I just wanted it all. Everything iTunes had to offer me for Ministry of Magic is now mine.

I was not disappointed.The versions of Accio Love, Lovegood, I heart Weasleys, A Phoenix Lament, Ascendio, and the Bravest Man I Ever Knew are brilliantly done. I don't know why I hesitated so long to acquire them!

Accio Love is quiet and sweet. And the "night-eet-eet-eet" makes me feel like I'm at a concert of theirs again *happy sigh*

Lovegood is such a fun song! I love how strong the guitar is here in comparison with the Goodbye Privet Drive version. It feels more heartfelt here instead of bouncy and exciting. And those harmonies and the tambourine... oooohh.

I Heart Weasleys is... just plain different but just as good as what I'm used to! Gotta love the whistling-- that adds such a great element to the song :-)

Veela Serenada- I've had this song for a while, but it now deserves to be with the rest of its album. I love the sound of this song. It reminds me of the sort of French Bohemian movement for some reason. It's slow and beautiful.

A Phoenix Lament is actually one of my top favorite MOM songs. I actually began a fanfic and realized that this song was perfect to quote at the beginning and end (it's not a songfic... I just frame it with a few lines of the song). This version is softer but the words are powerful. And this actually makes it sound more sad and lamentful.

Ascendio has some gorgeous guitar moments. The rise and fall of the song is still done well, even without the full build-up to the chorus that I'm used to. The "witness wonders" part makes the song feel more magical and genuine :-)

The Bravest man I Ever Knew is spectacular. I was so worried because I SO love the other version. Plus, when I clap, there are others clapping in the recording along with me. I think I like the other version better (hard not to like that one) but I wasn't at all disappointed. Heck, they could make a whole CD of different versions of this song and I'd probably love them all! The harmonies and emotions are fantastic.

It just goes to show that MOM might have an incredibly distinctive style to their music and they might be amazing performers, but the songs are so brilliantly crafted and written that they hold up well without the techno and the dancing. In short, this definitely won't be a purchase I regret! :-)


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