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Farewell to The Mudbloods

Last night I stayed up until 2am to watch the Mudbloods' last performance at Wrockstock, streamed thanks to PotterTeeVee. It was worth it to be able to share that moment with others online as I wasn't lucky enough to make the trip to see it in person. There were some down sides to watching the feed- a third of the way through 'A Pensive Full of Unrequited Love' the feed caught up with its lag and we missed out on most of the song, for example (just as I started crying, no less). So we missed out on some of our favorite songs and it was strange to suddenly find yourself tearing up and listening to the new firebolt song. LOL But on a whole, it was great to see something along with others, crying with them and sharing our memories of the Mudbloods together. And their last performance was indeed epic. Though I have to admit it was ironic to play a song with lyrics like "We're Wizard Rocking and we just can't stop" as their second to last song ever.

It's sort of hard to believe that I hadn't even heard of The Mudbloods at this time last year. I was still rather new to the WRock scene (July 2008 was the first concert I went to). But thanks to the Bryn Mawr Yule Ball, I got to see Adam play live. What a treat!

There are songs like 'A Pensive Full of Unrequited Love' and 'Freedom is Only a Hippogryff Away' that I bet I'll still tear up at for a long while to come (I cried at Pensive at the Yule Ball when I first heard it and that line about the eyes always does me in if nothing else does-- what AMAZING lyrics). And there are songs like 'Cho Chang' and 'I Wish You'd be My Witch' that I cannot help but sing along to, even when I should be quiet at work. The lyrics are clever, the songs are well-crafted, and the sound is unique and appealing. It's true that the Mudbloods really haven't put out all that much Wizard Rock music in their years since forming in 1997. But the music they have put out has made a significant and, I hope, lasting impact on the WRock genre.

Whenever I think about the Mudbloods, I think of this:

I feel so lucky to have been able to see them live. I'll treasure all their songs and I wish them well with their futures. From what I've heard of Adam's muggle music, I'm not worried about him :-)