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Bag Fries of the WRock World

I caught Kwikspell (more on that in next post) performing at Wrockstock and consequently had "Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star" stuck in my head for a good portion of the morning (until I got to a FaerieCon panel about Robin Hood during which the panelist sang, but that was just a lucky break). And last week Diagon Alley was a featured WRock band. So this post is going to be about a few of the lesser-known WRockers I've been listening to for the past week.

I also quickly wanted to say YAY! because I thought I'd lost my Danny Dementor EP but I found it Friday night when I was frantically searching for an audio book that should have been somewhere on my desk and wasn't. I didn't find that in time but I did find the Danny Dementor EP tucked inside one of my GPS instruction manuals. I'm relieved now!

Anyway, I listened to all of Diagon Alley's songs on MySpace and really like their sound. It's unique and I really, really like that when it comes to WRock. It reminds me of some muggle (Celtic-y/folk-y) bands I like, which is good. I'm not so in love that I rushed right out and bought their CD. But I'm thinking about it.

Then I went over to Kwikspell's MySpace and discovered her album, Magic 101, was free for download. So I downloaded it. I entered the incubation period with it pretty quickly and that hasn't ended yet. The vocals are a little soft compared with the rest of the instrumentals so I found it difficult to hear the songs when I played them in my normal manner. But once I had a change to really listen to them, I loved them muchly (I'll do an album post later).

One of the songs on Kwikspell's album features Statutory Snape, which is perhaps the best band name on the face of the Earth. They describe themselves as the Bag Fries of the WRock World. Awwww. So I listened to their songs on MySpace and really liked them as well. Not all are from Snape's POV but I especially liked one that was. And, in general, the quality is fantastic and the songs are well-written. I'll definitely keep my eyes on them. I've always loved bag fries-- they're like little bonuses. You think you've had it all and you're done and then, suddenly, some surprising tasty goodness is left for you to enjoy. It's awesome :-)