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Hank Green- This Machine Pwns N00bs

Buying Hank Green's new album was an impulse buy of sorts for me. I wasn't sure I'd like the choice once I made it, because many of the songs were ones I already owned from his Live album. I'm very glad I did buy it, though. The quality of these studio songs is fantastic; it gives all the songs new life. Not to mention the freaking cool poster and signed (black!) guitar pick I got with it!

The photo below on the right is the album cover, but I couldn't resist pairing it with the inspiration for the cover, Woody Guthrie and his guitar.

DFTBA- As any Nerdfighter will tell you, DFTBA is a key part of life. This is a great take on the abbreviation. It's great hearing all of the versions Nerdfighters have come up with. And how does Hank sing so fast? It's incredible!

This isn't Hogwarts- it might not be Hogwarts, but it IS the song that was the main reason I bought this album. I turned it up LOUD in the car on my way to work and shouted along with the song this morning :-) So great. Even if there is mild Hufflepuff bashing. heehee

Anglerfish- This is such a great, peppy song. I've loved it since the first time I heard it, and I can't wait to try jumping jack-push up-dance moves to it this weekend

I Know- Simple and clever. Classic Hank.

Mules are So Half Ass- Talk about clever! So many great puns, so little time. I've listned to it 5 times now and I think I've finally heard all the jokes now.

Scuzzy Kizoozle Curl- one of the songs I didn't like so much on the live album, it totally stole my heart this time around! Possibly it was the Irish influence in this version that did it. But I totally have fun singing along with this one now! I'm impressed

Protons and Neutrons- It's deep and slow. Makes you think. Nice change of pace from the others, but I think I like the faster songs the best so...

Dead Boy's Girlfriend- Two, count them: TWO Wizard Rock songs on the album! I can't get enough of either of them, but I do really love this one. The line about finding three girls at the bottom of the lake and it being "freaking Ron Weasley who was waiting for me" cracks me up every time. I actually shrieked and laughed out loud when I heard it this morning on the drive to work. I'd heard the song before but I'd forgotten how much I liked that bit. LOL

Demolition Derby- I've never seen a Demolition Derby and I don't really think it's my thing, so while I can appreciate the subject matter, I can't really relate to it enough to love the song. It's a good song though *shrug*

Fathers of the Founding Fathers- this was one of the few I'd never heard before! It's also pretty classic Hank Green- super clever writing and fast singing and peppy and sticks in your head. Love it

Ulcertive Colitis- my mother has Ulcerative Colitis as well so I totally feel for Hank here on this one. Kind of amazing that after all the crap (pun intended) I've seen my mom go through over the illness, this song still made me smile :-)

I'm not Edward Cullen- epic, this. So hilarious and scary at the same time! A great pseudo parody just in time for New Moon's release. And it's certainly a lot better, this version where his wife sings with him, compared to the version on the live album where he tries to sing the woman's part at the same time. LOL Humorous, that, but the song is fantastic in and of itself.

Crime Dramas Suck- so true. Except for NCIS; I love that one. LOL But, seriously, this is a great song. Great tune, great writing.

Jesus Gets Nothing for Christmas- I hadn't heard this one before either, and I laughed out loud the first time I heard it, so much so that I had to stop the song and explain it to my coworker. LOL

The Vegetables- Eh. I think this one works a heck of a lot better as a video with the photos of vegetables. It's a fine song but I missed the iPod-color scheme visuals. The repetition is... I dunno. I don't like the song on its own so much. It's well done on the album, but I prefer the video.

Nerdfighteria Island- I also think I like the video version better, because of all the awesome drawings of the island. But it's really a fantastic song on its own as well. I would move there in a second!

It All makes Sense at the End- aww. This one actually makes me rather sad. So many hours and days and years of life going into certain things compared to other things. And the end... so sweet.

On a whole, I really love the album and am soooooooooooooo happy to own it! How could I have ever doubted that? Crazy Kate :-)

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