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My Top 25 Most Played

Recently, WRockSnob posted a list of his 25 most played Wizard Rock songs, as determined by iTunes play counts. Here's my top 25 (out of 1026, including a few albums of Muggle Wizard Rock):

25. "Every Waking Moment"- Marked as His Equal
24. "Wizard Rock Heart Throb"- The Whomping Willows
23. "Eyes (Severus & Lily)- Nagini with Alastor
22. "Howl at the Moon"- The Moaning Myrtles
21. "Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star"- Kwikspell
20. "House of Awesome Theme Song"- The Whomping Willows
19. "Hey Remus"- The Whomping Willows
18. "I Believe in Nargles"- The Whomping Willows
17. "The Radio"- Tonks and the Aurors
16. "Just a Hufflepuff"- Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
15. "Snape Vs. Snape"- The Ministry of Magic
14. "Forever Together"- The Ministry of Magic
13. "It Sucks"- The Butterbeer Experience
12. "Dance Time"- The Ministry of Magic
11. "Taking You Back"- Tonks and the Aurors (featuring The Remus Lupins)
10. "Maybe Tomorrow"- The Remus Lupins
9. "Bridge to the Other Side"- Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
8. "Prefects Are Hot"- The Moaning Myrtles
7. "Marauder's Map"- The Ministry of Magic
6. "Astoria Greengrass and the Pure-Blood Prince"- Swish and Flick
5. "Happiness is a Hippogriff Away"- The Mudbloods
4. "Lovegood"- The Ministry of Magic
3. "The Bravest Man I Ever Knew"- The Ministry of Magic
2. "Potions Yesterday"- The Ministry of Magic
1. "A Phoenix Lament"- The Ministry of Magic

I notice a lot of patterns from this. First, of course, is that MoM is very easy to put on in the background to make me happy while at work. Next is that the Remus Lupin playlist I listen to during May when I'm writing a story a day about Remus is highly popular--as are my Hufflepuff-centric and my Luna Lovegood playlists. And, last, "A Phoenix Lament" claims my most played Wizard Rock song spot... mainly because A-I listened to it on repeat to feel better after re-reading the part in DH where Fred dies and B-I listened to it on repeat when I was writing a 'George copes with Fred's death' fanfic.