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100 Random Songs

I joined a swap-bot swap where you hit shuffle on your player and write down the first 100 songs that show up. Here's what came up with mine:

1. Hammer to Fall by Queen (Greatest Hits) - One of my favorite Queen songs! I love when songs tell stories or depict times in history. I especially love the lines, “For we who grew up tall and proud/In the shadow of the mushroom cloud/Convinced our voices can’t be heard/We just wanna scream it louder and louder and louder/What the hell we fighting for?/Just surrender and it won’t hurt at all/Just got time to say your prayers/While you’re waiting for the hammer to fall”
2. Auld Lang Syne by Steve McDonald and Hollie Smith (Winter in Scotland: a Highland Christmas) - It’s not the right time of year for it, but this is a beautiful version of the classic song from my favorite Scottish singer and his daughter.
3. Song of the Unicorn by artist unknown (unknown album) - I downloaded this song somewhere long long ago and have never been able to figure out where it came from or who sings it. The chorus: “The song of the unicorn/white as can be/He’s wild and beautiful/headstrong and free.”
4. Used to by Daughtry (Daughtry) - I really enjoyed Daughtry back on American Idol, so I bought his album
5. Inside the Tam House by Greg Edmonson (Firefly Soundtrack) - I have a LOT of music related to books, television shows, and movies I love. This is from the official soundtrack
6. Last Christmas by Mon)tag (Last Christmas Mixtape) - At you can get tons of versions of this song. This is from a mixtape of various versions that Harry & the Potters selected.
7. Whiskey in the Jar by artist unknown (The Best Irish Drinking Songs) - The classic Irish drinking song. I have a bazillion different versions of this song, but I don’t know who sings this one, because it’s from a cassette tape I converted into MP3 and I didn’t do a good job of writing all the artists down for compilation albums
8. Cooking with the Giant Squidstravaganza, part 4 by The Giant Squidstravaganza (Death to Humans) - I adore Wizard Rock, but this is one “group” I dislike.
9. Anatomy of Lover Pt 2 by Mary And The GrandPres (Hymns of Truth and Light) - And here’s a wizard rock group I do like!
10. National Emblem by The Inverness Highlanders (Scotland-Scottish Pipes & Drums) - I am such a sucker for traditional Scottish music, filled with lots of bagpipes
11. Mamma Mia by the Mamma Mia Movie Soundtrack Cast (Mamma Mia Soundtrack) - That's a lot of Mamma Mias on one line. I love ABBA and thought the movie was good. My coworker gave this soundtrack to me.
12. How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty (Exile on Mainstream) - There are very few Matchbox Twenty songs I don’t instantly fall in love with.
13. Great Provider by the Barenaked Ladies (Maybe You Should Drive) - I’ve got HUNDREDS of Barenaked Ladies songs on my computer from albums and concerts both.
14. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon (Everything You Want) - I really liked this song when it came out and when it comes up on shuffle now, I have to admit I still like it and its introspectiveness.
15. Theme From Harry’s Game by Clannad (Celtic Moods) - Beautiful Celtic song. I actually have 2 copies of it on my computer from different albums.
16. The Sweater Song by The Hermione and Crookshanks Experience (Jingle Spells 1) - A Christmas Wizard Rock song from the first Leaky Cauldron Christmas charity album.
17. Severus Snape by The Wizarding World (Demos, B-Sides and Rarities) - From a free demo of this Wizard Rock album, downloaded a few years ago
18. Don’t Let Me Get me by P!nk (M!ssundaztood) - I don’t have many P!nk songs, but the ones I did buy are ones I absolutely ADORE. This is one I can relate to.
19. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn (Walking in Memphis single) - I have such a weakness for this song. My favorite line is the "Ma'am, I am tonight" line, because I love the emotion behind the way it’s sung
20. Survivor (Adolescent Mix) by Danny Dementor (I Wanna Be a Wizard EP) - I enjoy that there are different genres of Wizard Rock out there, and this is a decent song.
21. Christmas Mirror by The Butterbeer Experience (Jingle Spells 2) - One of my favorite Christmas songs ever, The Butterbeer Experience has a beautiful sound here.
22. One Of Us by ABBA (Gold) - More ABBA! I actually got this album from my mother.
23. Warm Me Up by Elliott Yamin (My Kind of Holiday) - I got this during’s free Christmas music giveaway some year. I’ve probably listened to it once, twice at the most
24. We Are the Champions by Queen & various artists (Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert) - Beautiful version of this well-known song, in honor of Freddie
25. If You’re Irish by Irish Ceili Band (Celtic Memories) - Well look at that… I AM Irish!
26. Good Morning Charlie by The Oceanic Six (Greatest Hits Vol. 1) - The only LOST-related music I own, because I watched every episode of the show and thought the writing was horrendously bad/obvious. But these boys are Wizard Rockers from various groups brought together, so I had to buy this album. Their songs are much better than the show was.
27. Wayfarer by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning (Celtic Twilight, Vol 2) - Beautiful, inspiring Celtic melodies
28. A Foot of Silver by The Buttermellows (The Butter Demo II) - A fantastic, emotionally powerful song about Harry Potter characters and death. “I’ll hit the floor until my fists are sore/But in the end you’re not coming back to me.”
29. The Weird Al Show Theme by Weird Al Yankovic (Running with Scissors) - Until this moment, I forgot I had several of his albums. It’s been a while since I listened to them
30. Famous Last Words by Billy Joel (River of Dreams) - I have loved Billy Joel since I was in elementary school. This is a great one from my favorite album.
31. Bonus Track: Pigfarts, Pigfarts Here I Come by Voldemort & Malfoy (A Very Potter Musical) - Very funny bonus track from the Starkid A Very Potter Musical soundtrack
32. Terirem by Choir of Monks of the Simonos Petra Monastery (99 Essential Chants) - I bought this album of 99 chants during a $5 album deal of’s. There are some amazing chants on there, but it’s hard to listen to them all at once, in a row. I certainly can’t recognize one from the other just by title.
33. Destiny’s Edge by Lori Yates (Forever Knight Soundtrack) - Another television show I loved.
34. Gryffindor Rocks by Harry & The Potters (Harry and The Potters and the Power of Love) - Harry & the Potters were the first Wizard Rock band, though their early music isn’t exactly polished.
35. In Paradisum by Schola Gregoriana Pragensis (99 Essential Chants) - Another beautiful chant from the album discussed in #32
36. Obama Llama Song by Hank Green (So Jokes) - Hank Green combines comedy and music to great effect
37. J.O.M.B.2.0. (feat. Tilly Key)[RevoLucian’s Redux] by RuPaul (Drag Race) - Don’t be jealous of my boogie! I love this album of remixes of Ru’s fun to sing/dance to song
38. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia (Left of the Middle) - An emotional song that’s also very lovely
39. Noel, Christmas Eve, 1913 by Bob Denver & the Muppets (A Christmas Together) - Possibly my favorite Christmas album ever, there’s something so magical about Bob Denver singing with my beloved muppets!
40. On the Other Side by Ministry of Magic (Magic is Might) - A not-so-great song from my favorite Wizard Rock band
41. Wizard Rockstar by Lauren Fairweather (Is It Plugged In? EP) - A great look at the life & desires of a Wizard Rocker :-)
42. Christmas at the Burrow by Ginny and the Heartbreakers (An Enchanted Christmas) - Very beautiful Harry Potter themed holiday song
43. A Pub with No Beer by Women of Whimsey (Caprissio) - These women can really sing and their songs are both beautiful and bawdy
44. Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry (Save Tonight single) - This takes me back a little. It was one of those often-played songs I had to have. I like to imagine it’s about Sirius & Remus.
45. Help Me Hagrid by Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills (Jingle Spells 4) - Full wrock version of JFF’s JS4 Christmas song (I bought the acoustic version as well)
46. They Took My Son by The Oceanic Six (Greatest Hits Vol. 1) - Another LOST song, but this one is even better than the one that came up earlier. It’s fast and catchy and emotionally charged.
47. The River of Dreams by Billy Joel (River of Dreams) - Instant hit, this song always moves me. I adore it and it’s one of my all-time favorites.
48. Far Away by Steve McDonald (Legend) - Another great song by Steve McDonald, it packs an emotional punch as well
49. Virginia Woolf by the Indigo Girls (1200 Curfews) - I forgot I own this album now! (Bought the CD at a library used book sale). I should listen to it more often.
50. Ghosts by Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons (Hogwarts, A Mystery) - A good wrock song.
51. Star of the Country Down by Tears for Beers (Cracky Bones) – Another fun traditional Irish drinking song
52. What Up, Hogwarts? by Big Whompy (Treestylin’) – I’m not a huge rap fan, but Big Whompy (of Whomping Willow Fame) is pretty hilarious
53. Plug Collector by Fred and George the Band (Carpe Geekdom: The Soundtrack) – This is a fantastic song about Arthur Weasley, as sung by his twins
54. Claris Coniubila by Monks of Notre-Dame de Ganagobie (99 Essential Chants) – Another beautiful chant
55. The Wedding by The Remus Lupins (The Rest is Silence) – A great song about a scene from the seventh Harry Potter book, from my favorite Remus Lupins album
56. Stay With You by The Goo Goo Dolls (Let Love In) – One of those “I must have this song!” songs. This sometimes still makes me tear up
57. My White Knight by Robert Preston (The Music Man Soundtrack) – I love this musical, so I bought the soundtrack during one of’s $5 album deals
58. Old Apartment by the Barenaked Ladies (live from a concert) – One of the best Barenaked Ladies songs. And nothing beats the BNL live!
59. Trolls in New York by Anne Dudley (10th Kingdom Soundtrack) – I love the 10th Kingdom (NBC miniseries), so I had to have the soundtrack
60. Some Fantastic by the Barenaked Ladies (Stunt) – A fun, catchy BNL song
61. Jump (For My Love) by the Pointer Sisters (Love Actually Soundtrack) – The sort of song that gets stuck in your head… but you don’t really mind. It always makes me smile
62. River and Simon in Locker by David Newman (Serenity Soundtrack) – A song from a great movie’s soundtrack
63. Pain by Steve McDonald (Highland Farewell) – An amazing, powerful song with beautiful Scottish sound
64. The Kings and Queens of Narnia by Harry Gregson-Williams (The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Soundtrack) – My favorite of all the Narnia movie soundtracks, this song really brings its scene to mind when listening
65. The Rattlin’ Bog by the Irish Rovers (The First of The Irish Rovers) – Oh SO much fun. I have to sing along out loud every time every time a version comes up
66. The Emigration Tunes by Loreena McKennitt (The Wind that Shakes the Barley) – A beautiful Celtic song sung beautifully!
67. DND by Semisonic (Feeling Strangely Fine) – This song held a significant meaning to me once upon a time. Now that I’m not with that guy any more, I don’t really like listening to it.
68. Hindi Sad Diamons by Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo & Alka Yagnik (Moulin Rouge Soundtrack) – Not my favorite song from the soundtrack, but a good one with a unique sound
69. Strange Fire by the Indigo Girls (1200 Curfews) – Once again, I forgot I even owned this song! Sorry, Indigo Girls, I need to listen to you more, apparently.
70. All I Ask of You by Andrew Lloyd Webber (The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack, disc 1) – Phantom of the Opera songs always give me the shivers. They’re so good!
71. Stutter by Joe Walker (A Very StarKid Album) – I first heard this song at a StarKid concert. I bought the album a few days later. This one is a fun song.
72. Luna by Catchlove (It’s Still Snowing) – If there’s one rule in Wizard Rock, it’s that you can never have too many songs about Luna Lovegood.
73. Walk Like an Egyptian by Acapella (album unknown) – I’ve loved this song since elementary school. I’m such a child of the 80s. LOL
74. Hokey Pokey by the Barenaked Ladies (live from a concert) – A classic. The Ladies are hilarious in concert.
75. Forever Young by Joan Baez (Greatest Hits) – Beautiful, inspiring song sung so well.
76. All In Good Time by The Whomping Willows (Songs For Professors) – I am a sucker for albums (and EPs) with themes. This one is a series of songs about Hogwarts school professors
77. River’s Perception/Saffron by Greg Edmonson (Firefly Soundtrack) – Another song from the television show, Firefly
78. Sniper’s Promise by unknown artist (Ireland’s Best Irish Rebel Songs) – I have a great collection of Irish Rebel songs from various places. This is from another collection where I didn’t write down the specific artist when I converted from a cassette tape to mp3
79. A Penseive Full of Unrequited Love by the Mudbloods (Live at the Leaky Cauldron) – One of my all-time favorite Wizard Rock songs. It makes me tear up (if not cry) every time with lyrics like “I wish you peace and love and happiness in everything you do/I pray that everywhere you go someone will be in love with you./And I know that if you’d stayed within these loving arms of mine/That every single one of these dreams would come true.”
80. Barbossa is Hungry by Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Soundtrack) – The first Pirate of the Caibbean movie soundtrack was excellent. This one isn’t too bad, though.
81. Just Around the Riverbend by Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz (Pocahontas Soundtrack) – I’m also a huge fan of Disney movies and their songs.
82. Luna by Peeved (Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!) – See what I mean about songs written about Luna Lovegood? There are so many, but I’m not complaining!
83. Greensleeves by Rosalind McAllister (Celtic Memories) – A gorgeous song with a fascinating origin story, I love listening to this near Christmastime.
84. Cold Sweat by Jim Byrnes (Burning/I Turned My Days Into Nights) – I got into Jim Byrnes because he was an actor on my favorite television show, Highlander. But his Blues music is amazing (I am not even a huge fan of Blues music!). He’s got a great sound and great emotion behind his words.
85. Meet Me On Diagon Alley by the Ministry of Magic (The Triwizard LP) – A pretty good song from the best Wizard Rock band out there.
86. A Gift for Lucius by Draco & the Malfoys (Jingle Spells 4) – He’s buying his dad a peacock for Christmas. It’s the same thing he bought him last year. Jingle Spells 4 is the worst of all the Christmas WRock charity albums over the years, but at least it’s for charity (I bought two copies)
87. Old Apartment by the Barenaked Ladies (Sound Source appearance) – Hey, here’s another version of Old Apartment! This time, it’s from a radio appearance. It’s still a fantastic song.
88. Caravanserai by Loreena McKennitt (An Ancient Muse) – Beautiful, beautiful. I look forward to buying Loreena McKennitt’s newest album, out on February 28.
89. Streets of Hogsmeade by Tonks & the Aurors (We Are Magic) – Another of my favorite Wizard Rock songs. This one has clever lyrics sung so perfectly. It’s from an album that is the 7th Harry Potter book told through Tonks’ point of view. This one is about the resistance movement during the war. “The graffiti on the streets of Hogsmeade reads ‘Dumbledore’s Army.’/And their cries echo through the night, that they will fight/They will fight.”
90. Snow Fall by Bella And Le Strangers (The Red and Green EP) – A holiday-themed WRock album with two different WRock bands coming together.
91. Christmas Wish by ALL CAPS (Bmin / E) – WRockers from different groups broke off and made this side group (they were dating, but I think they’ve broken up now). They put out a few albums and this is a song from the second one.
92. Feeling Good by Nina Simon (Six Feet Under: Everything Ends Soundtrack) – From a CD that came with the Six Feet Under DVDs.
93. On the Square by The Inverness Highlanders (Scotland-Scottish Pipes & Drums) – Oh, I DO love those bagpipes!
94. On the Street by the Cast of RENT (RENT Soundtrack) – I like the original Broadway versions of songs the best, but I adore RENT so of course I needed the movie soundtrack as well
95. Where Have All the Flowers Gone by Peter, Paul, and Mary (album unknown) – I loved this group when I was a kid. This song always makes me sad, but I bought it after Mary died because it’s so beautiful and it’s a part of my past I want to remember
96. Another Mystery by Dar Williams (The Green World) – Dar Williams is my FAVORITE female singer EVER! This is one of my favorite songs of hers, too (and a wonderful album I highly recommend). It’s so upbeat and catchy but deep, just like all her songs are. They’re poetry to music.
97. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) by Steve Harley (Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack) – I love this movie (I named my cat after a character from it) and I listen to the soundtrack often (it’s a movie about musical artists, so music is a huge part of the movie, naturally).
98. Casadh Cam Na Feadarnaighe by Riona Ni Dhomhnail with Touchstone (There Was a Lady: The Voice of Celtic Women) – That was fun to type out. I hope I spelled it all right! Another beautiful Celtic song I have. I love listening to women with amazing voices sing in Gaelic, even if I don’t speak the language (I’ve tried to learn, but I’m awful at languages)
99. We Are Warriors by Roger Bellon (The Best of Highlander the Series Soundtrack) – Highlander: the series was, is, and probably always will be my favorite television show ever. So of course I have soundtracks!
100. I’ll Tell Me Ma by the Blarney Lads (Irish beer Drinking Favorites) – This is a fun but fairly repetitive song. And now I’m going to have this song stuck in my head all day!

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